Rosé Wine


Dão Region

    75,0 cl
Pedra Cancela 2018   19,50€
A wine with a bright pink color. Aromas of wild, fresh and mineral fruits, with good balance. Good feeling of freshness at the end of the mouth.

Douro Region

  37,5 cl  75,0 cl
Mateus (légèrement pétillante) 2018   18,50€
Mateus rosé wine with a very attractive and bright tone. It is a well balanced and seductive wine, brilliantly complemented by a smooth and slightly sparkling finish.
Quinta do Carqueijal 2017 / 2018 11,50€ 21,00€
It is an elegant wine, full of aromas. presents a raspberry and strawberry scent, in addition to notes of pomegranate and cherry. It is a fresh and light rosé wine very balanced.
Quinta da Sequeira 2018   27,50€
Sequeira Rosa wine is a wine with intense and ripe aromas of blackberry, strawberry and cherry. Complete, sweet, fresh and well-balanced acidity.
Vinha Grande 2016   29,00€
Clear and bright color. This Douro Rosé is fresh and sparkling. Fresh wine, expressive nose of red fruits and citrus fruits. Notes of raspberry and currant with elegance and balance.

Sado Region

    75,0 cl
Lancers 2018   18,00€
The Lancers Rosé Wine is an easy to drink wine, offers a beautiful color of dress, slightly pink with a hint of orange. It is very fruity, with aromas of red fruits and tropical fruits, slightly sparkling.

Bairrada Region

    75,0 cl
Serro Frio (légèrement pétillante)     14,50€

Alentejo Region

    75,0 cl
Dona Maria 2018   26,00€
Intense pink salmon, sensations of fresh and tropical fruits. Very fresh and fruity, tropical fruits and strawberries, good acidity and persistent finish.
Mariana 2018   18,50€